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TREMONT (MID) x RDS - TAN /CHOCOLATE (Water Resistant)

Named after Tremont Street in Oceanside, California which is where our office is located, this is a hybrid design that mixes the “Riva and Chief Mid” models from our past lines. Our goal with the Tremont as well as all of our models is to always deliver a piece of our history, but with current functions and designs that over deliver in performance, comfort and longevity. This model also has a removable Velcro Strap which is perfect for every Mid Vulcanized fan out there!

- Vulcanized Construction

- Abrasion Resistant Outsole with Heel Drag Reinforcement

- Impact Foam Insole for long lasting impact cushioning which helps prevent heel bruising

- True Fit support adds comfort and support around the in-step arch of the foot.

- Natural Suede + Cotton Twill (depending on the style color